Welcome to Antony Cull Music!

Hi, I am a professional musician, producer, composer and educator based in Southampton, Hampshire (UK). This website contains all off my latest musical exploits and the various music services I offer.

Over the past year I have released a single ‘Promise’ and my debut EP, ‘Digital Sleep’ which you can listen to here on the Spotify player below. For more information on both and upcoming releases check the dedicated page here. As always, thanks for all the support, I’m super excited to release another project late 2017.

If you’d like to know more about the various music production and session guitar services I offer, including previous music projects I’ve worked on, you can access them here.

The website has an ever growing music blog so check back regularly for my latest posts exploring gear reviews, music lessons, backing tracks and my various projects.

If you are looking for personalised lessons in guitar, bass, ukulele, music theory and production I offer a wide range of options. I teach online via Skype (see here for more) as well as in person for students in the Hampshire area.

If you are interested in any of the services I offer simply contact me via e-mail at antony_cull@hotmail.com or via my mobile on 07910 335522.

I hope you enjoy my website and I looking forward to hearing from you.

Antony Cull



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