A Gig In An Airport Terminal?!?

I often have strange performances as a guitarist but this Friday at 5, Sonic Vibes is going to busk in the Southampton Airport Terminal. I won’t lie, I jumped at the chance. These sorts of gigs are often the most random, amusing and memorable experiances. I’ve had some strange gigs, amongst my favourite include:

1) Flying out with a covers band Bangkok. We had to follow a condensed version performance of Swan Lake in Thailand for a Thai princess. And we lost a band member mid-set somehow.

2) My car (the might Travelator) almost dying on the way to a blues gig in Beer (Devon) with a hung over drummer. Also the looks of the locals at Stefan our keyboard player were priceless.

3) Playing with a prog band at a birthday party. We had to follow an awful comedian in drag and when we wished the person happy birthday they proceeded to venture on stage mid-set.

These gigs at the time are just strange and surreal but in retrospect they are fun stories I love to share with my band mates and students. They are akin to the Aqurium and Library gigs in Flight of The Concords.



2 thoughts on “A Gig In An Airport Terminal?!?

  1. Have fun with that one 🙂

    My most memorable gig was playing in Lime Bar, Southampton to one table of people who were trying to not listen so they could eat, with my acoustic plugged into a 4×10 cab and a 50″ plasma screen over my head showing One Born Every Minute. Needless to say I never worked with the promoter again!


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