We Need More Girls To Play The Guitar!

First off I should say I really like Haim, both musically and there status as a role model for young female guitarists. It’s great to hear an all female band that can play beyond the basics. Thats not to say the female ‘singer-songwriter’ crowd should learn some new chords and throw the capo away, but we need more female guitarists. 

Why? What’s wrong with male guitarists I hear you cry? Nothing. But many younger female students see more complex rhythm and lead playing as a persuit for boys. Then I find myself pointing out Jennifer Batten, Orianthi, Hole, Joan Jett and bassists such as Tal Wilkenfeld and Kim Deal. And their response is almost always ‘I can do that’.Most importantly they naturally have a slightly different musical voice when compared to the majority of male guitarists. That voice to me is a refreshing change.

Hopefully more mainstream bands like Haim will emerge, and more female guitarists will have even greater musical aspirations from the start. Never be afraid to dream a little bigger.


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