Happy New Year!!

Although somewhat belated I wanted to wish all my family, friends and students a happy new year. It’s been an intense year for work last year and I wanted to thank everybody who has supported me launching my own guitar tuition business. A big thank you to my students for making my job challenging and loads of fun and I look forward to imparting more wisdom and banter this year. I would especially like to thank my girlfriend, Lucy Atkinson, for putting up with me working all hours and playing guitar/bass endlessly in her presence.

As it has become culturally expected I have made some new years resolutions, some for the business, some for my personal life and some for my music. My current work schedule is 50+ hours so we’ll see how many of these last. So for those of you who have stuck with this blog so far prepare for a list.

  1. Actually Write My Blog! – I know I have said this a few times before but I’m going to write at least one post a week to share some of my thoughts on various musical news and reviews. I’m actually going to keep this one. Honest.
  2. Youtube – I have an account and have been gathering equipment to record some demos of various gear and vlogs for the past few months. This hasn’t started yet but I plan to review a lot of my gear to give my friends and students an idea of what it sounds like as the written reviews aren’t that useful for that.
  3. Holiday – Many of you know that I only had two weeks off last year, which isn’t the best thing for my brain so I’m going to aim for three this year.
  4. Finish and Release an EP – In the last year I have found myself getting inspired all the time but never finishing any of the ideas hence why nothing has been released. I’m hoping this year to release an EP of fully finished guitar-centric recordings for your musical enjoyment. Look out for that.

That is probably enough for this year, well at least until these stick permanently. I hope everyone has a great year filled with good times and good music.



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