Free Backing Track Day! – Free Blues Backing Tracks in A

I’ve been saying for about a year that I need to get some more videos together for youtube. I finally found some time to play around in the home studio I’m gradually building. I have had a lot of students asking about backing tracks so I thought I would start there. The first are a couple of slightly cliche but very useful 12 bar blues patterns. I’ve kept the tempo slower then most actual tracks and added a shuffle pattern to keep it easy for starting improvisation.

If your wondering what to play over these tracks then the A minor pentatonic, A major pentatonic and A blues scales should fit perfectly. Once your comfortable playing in each try shifting the pitch of the scale with the chord changes. For a very tasteful approach try mixing the scales to get a variety of flavors into your improvisation and catch your audience off guard. Remember in major blues patterns, an ambiguous approach to the major/minor third is very authentic to the established blues style

Backing Track #1 – This 12 bar pattern represents the simplest you are likely to encounter actually used in songs. The most common track in modern repertoire that uses this pattern in ‘Johnny B. Goode’ by blues master Chuck Berry.

Backing Track #2 – This one sees the addition of a couple of extra chords which turns it into a much more common pattern, think ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ (Robert Johnson, Blues Brothers etc.).

I hope this will come in handy for everyone’s practice routine. If you have any suggestions for styles or chord patterns you’d like to see in the next ‘Free Backing Track Day!’ then drop me an e-mail or comment on this page or the youtube page. I definitely intend on adding another blues in A with a full turn around at the end.  If you’d like to be informed straight away about new videos then hit subscribe to the channel and feel free to share these with your friends.

Antony Cull


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