Student Tunes #3 – Rasco ‘Journey’ EP

*Revised and Updated 01/11/2015

It’s time again for another ‘Student Tunes’ post. So far every post in this feature has been showcasing an single demo track release and I’m very proud this time to help a student promote a full EP release.

This post is in honor of Southampton based EDM and house music artist Rasco aka Oscar Vander Velden. After almost a year of writing, mixing and mastering the debut EP titled ‘Journey’ is set for digital release on the 23rd November 2015. It will be available on for free download from the official soundcloud account below.

The release is full of modern sounding house tunes complete with alien invasion concept that ties all of the tracks together. My personal favourite is the slightly chilled out track ‘We Come In Peace’ with its syncopated fifths and entwined bass an melody parts. Give the tracks below a listen. If you like what you hear and want all the latest updates on future releases then hit the links underneath to follow, subscribe and like.

Sample Tracks


Soundcloud –

Facebook –

Youtube –


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