Free Backing Track Day! #2 – Pop Backing Tracks

I promised some more backing tracks last month and I finally grabbed a few hours to prepare some. As the last couple were in a Blues style I thought I’d make a couple of Pop influenced tracks this time. I also now have a dedicated page for backing tracks on the blog to save people trawling through the archives.

The first track is in C major and I placed a time constraint of four hours on from initial idea to full completion. I wanted to see how efficiently I could create a track and I think it came out really well. The second was the first draft of a song I’ve been working on. The track has changed dramatically since that point but it is still a fun track improvise over so I though I’d share it rather then it being cast into the pile of unused music. Let me know what you think and enjoy your practice!

Backing Track – Pop – Pop In D Major / B Minor (100 Bpm)

Suggested Scales – D Major, D Major Pentatonic, B Natural Minor & B Minor Pentatonic.

Backing Track – Pop – Pop In C Major / A Minor (120 Bpm)

Suggested Scales – C Major, C Major Pentatonic, A Natural Minor & A Minor Pentatonic. A Blues works when used responsibly.


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