Gear Review #1 – TC Electronic Ditto Looper

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

Many guitarists have seen the likes of Ed Sheeran and been tempted to explore the world of loop pedals. If that style of composition and performance really appeals to you there are a number of long established pedals on the market such as the BOSS range. The larger BOSS loopers allow you to save loops and record multiple sections allowing you to create fairly complicated songs.

Here is a short video of a Funk inspired loop so you can hear the pedal in action. I might flesh this track out at some point. (Signal Chain = Fender Stratocaster > TC Electronic Polytune > Fulltone OCD (for lead) > TC Electronic Ditto > Yamaha THR10 (Clean) > Garageband).

Most guitarists though don’t require loop pedals with that level of complexity, size and price tag; enter the Ditto looper. The Ditto looper allows a player record a single loop with infinite overdubs for up to 5 minutes in length. For the clumsy moments they included an undo / redo feature which allows you to remove the last overdub. The single knob is a master control for the loop so you can drop the level to the right volume. The clear lights on the pedal makes visualizing the pedals functions easy both on and off stage. The red light tells you the pedal is recording and the green light tells you the loop is playing, pretty simple.

Alongside its loop function its also features a true bypass with an analogue dry through so you signal stays very pure. Alongside the slick aesthetic the pedal is tough, it has survived being dragged around with me to student houses for a year now. Due to the small footprint and high power requirements there isn’t room for a 9v battery so it’s main supply only.

Overall this is a brilliant practice tool especially for improvisation as playing with a backing of your own creation really helps your musicality. It is also great for composition and building entwining guitar parts. For those who like the premise of this pedal but want more features I highly recommend the Ditto X2 (which I’ve played) and maybe the Ditto Stereo Looper just released (not tried that one yet).

Let me know what you favorite loop pedal is, anything you like/dislike about the TC loopers? Any good track suggestions for loop pedals?




5 thoughts on “Gear Review #1 – TC Electronic Ditto Looper

  1. Actually, it was seeing Ed Sheeran that really sparked my interst in loopers this past year…This Ditto has gotten a lot of good reviews for the price point, I purchased a Pigtronix Infinity Looper because of some features I felt I would need form what I do…I love it! The sound quality is pristine and it’s easy to use…good post Anthony…

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      1. It really is a great piece of gear…I lead music in a local church in my area and I use it primarily to create loops for pre-service music…I haven’t dug into the more advance features yet, mostly use parallel mode and serial mode looping and that’s the extent of my expertise at this point…our monitoring isn’t good enough to allow us to hear a loop well enough to use it as a backing track..I have a few posts on my site, the arpeggio studies, that I used the Infinity to record with..the sound is great and for the price point, I have found it to be a great buy, compared to the Boomerang which is essentially double the price…Boomerang requires you to buy their “sidecar” to be able to use it as a foot-switchable device in a live context…I believe the sidecar itself costs as much as the looper…


      2. Monitoring is a nightmare at most venues. One trick is to play something into a looper and then go out to the audience to check the amps levels. I have used looper a few times live but only when I’m performing in a duo. To many risks with a full band.

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