New Music #1 – ‘Stay Gone’ – Antony Cull & Teresa Curatolo

Those of you that also follow me on twitter and facebook will know I’ve recently been collaborating with a few different people. This is the first track from these sessions.

This track was lyrically written by Manasquan based lyricist Teresa Curatolo who has collaborated with a number of other artists (check her soundcloud here – ).

I was asked to compose the music and melody to a set of lyrics titled ‘Stay Gone’. The initial demo version, which used the lyrics as I received them with a more acoustic pop angle, was eventually scrapped (it would later became the Pop in D backing track). It wasn’t bad track but it didn’t make me want to dance and I wasn’t happy with some of the musical cliches I’d fallen into. After a week away from it I rewrote some of the lyrics and took the basic chords and re-imagined them within a piano/synth dance driven pop song.

The final track was completely programmed, sung, mixed and mastered by myself and I’m really happy with the final version. It took a while to get the song to mix well but it gets in stuck in my head and musically has a good dance energy. I’d still love to here this song placed with a female vocalist like Ella Henderson as I don’t love my own vocal texture.

Here are two versions of the track, the first is complete with vocals and the second is just the musical backing. Let me know what you think.

Instrumental Track

Main Track w/ Vocals

If you like this track and would like to work with me or hire me to record, compose or play on any of your tracks let me know at –

– Antony Cull

(c) Stay Gone By Teresa Curatolo & Antony Cull all rights reserved 10-19-14 ASCAP


3 thoughts on “New Music #1 – ‘Stay Gone’ – Antony Cull & Teresa Curatolo

    1. I initially started the project in Cubase Elements 8 but I couldn’t find a synth sound I liked so switched to the latest version Garageband. I know the program gets a lot of hate but provided you know how to produce you can create some really great tracks in there. What software are you using at the moment?

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      1. Im learning to use Cakewalk Sonar LE…I have a Roland VS 1680 but the interface is cumbersome plus the technology is ancient. That having been said, the sound quality and effects are pristine, I don’t know a lot about recording/mixing/mastering…the arpeggio studies I posted I recorded on the Pigtronix Infinity Looper and just dumped it into Sonar, I didn’t do anything to it…my youngest son has an ipad with the garage band app, I like the smart drums, I think they sound pretty natural…

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