As the festive season is upon us once again I find myself blowing the dust of the christmas songs and beginning working on some new arrangements. The mix of jazz standards, classical hymns and pop music crowd pleasers offer enough variety to keep me from getting bored just focusing of these for a month.

And once again I remembered my idea to write a solo guitar christmas book. I really need to get on with that as it’d be a great thing to release next year. Perhaps a book of traditional hymns arranged would be a good place to start.

This weeks solo guitar piece was the hymn ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel’ (or ‘Veni, Veni, Emmanuel’ for the purists among us). I’d seen a few arrangements of this one but most seemed to simplify the harmony to its purest form and the choral arrangements are very rich so I wanted to keep as much of intact as possible. The result is difficult to play but rewarding piece. The piece starts and ends with the melody arranged on the high e-string which forces the fretting hand to jump around a lot whilst the central section is played in a lower, more somber tonality in open position.

I’ve put this one up for free download so you can add it to your own christmas playlists. If you enjoy this one please share the soundcloud link on your own social media it’d much appreciated.

This track was recorded on my Merida Trajan T-45SSES electro-classical guitar direct to a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 into Garageband with slight EQ (to take some bass out) and a Silververb.

Let me know what you think? And thoughts on a christmas solo guitar ebook for next year?


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