Coffee Time #8 – Christmas Haul!

Christmas Haul.jpg

I really like giving presents. It makes me feel good, especially when I think of something a person would really enjoy. It’s a good reason to work hard. As I received such awesome gifts for Christmas this year I thought I’d say thanks with a ‘haul’ post.

The main present from my parents was a Yamaha GL-1 Guitalele. I saw these on sale a while ago and dropped several not so subtle hints. It’s a great hybrid design with the same tuning as a guitar tuned up a fourth. It is a very sweet sounding instrument and surprisingly well built given the price point. I still need to perform a few tweaks to get it super playable and intonated for recording.

My parents also bought both me and my brother a Chinese made cigar box guitar by a company called ‘Blues Box Guitar’. I think they intended it as a joke present but seemed pleasantly surprised I could drag a tune out of it. Who knew I’d enjoy a three string slide guitar as much as I have. I have began plans for a few modifications and a new prototype design.

My wonderful partner got me some more wooden picks after my bloodwood pick started to chip. I really like the warm tone of wooden picks, especially on acoustics. The new picks are teak and rosewood which both sound great, I might do a comparison in a few months.

My father always keeps his eyes open for interesting guitar books and in keeping with tradition he got me a couple of new ones. The first was a ‘How To Play Fingerpicking Techniques for Guitar’ by Phil Capone which has a few arrangements I’m looking forward to trying in the new year. I second was great reference book by Dave Hunter called ‘The Gibson Les Paul’ which chronicles the evolution of the design.

I will do a full review on the Yamaha GL-1 and the Blues Box Guitar in the next month. I may even review a few of the more useful books I’ve encountered as well as a good read always helps my playing. I’ve never done a ‘haul’ blog let me know if you like this and want more.

I hope everyone is a having a great holiday so far!

Next post – Saturday 2nd January 2016 – Coffee Time #9 – New Years Resolutions


5 thoughts on “Coffee Time #8 – Christmas Haul!

      1. I’d like to but I have so many other priorities right now. It sounded cool on your video clip. Im like you, I spend a good deal of time reviewing classical technique and reviewing classical repertoire and I spend a good deal of time on jazz related studies. I’ll look forward to seeing your build when you get it done. Have a great day!


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