Coffee Time #9 – 3 New Years Resolutions

As the new year is upon us I decided to make some new resolutions/targets for the next 12 months. As always the year came to the end I had my annual break down wondering where the year went. Whilst laying face down on the floor panicking I decided to make three targets. One as a musician, another a business owner and a final lifestyle one.

1. Musical Resolution – Go to more live shows!

Initially I thought about setting a musical goal but my work tends to keep that area pretty busy. So I’ve decided to make a really conscious effort to attend more gigs this year. I saw a few local shows last year but due a combination of working evenings and lack of cash I struggled to get to any big shows. I always feel more inspired to play after seeing a great show so I’m going to get to as many shows as I can afford.

2 Business Resolution – More work on the blog and social media pages.

This blog has really picked up this year and I’m loving writing it. Combined with my soundcloud, youtube, twitter and instagram I really want to focus on reaching new audiences. The want to get a new video and track out every month on youtube and soundcloud respectively. The biggest area I want to work on is getting a couple of posts out every week. After reviewing last years posts I’ve decided to write more budget gear reviews, release more backing tracks and a couple of guitar building projects (a cigar box guitar and a lapsteel).

3. Lifestyle Resolution – Make more time for my own projects.

I’ve been self-employed for the past two years and I really enjoy it. The only issue I have found is keeping the balance between my personal life and work. So this year I’m looking for ways to be more organised and stream line my work life. I definitely need to invest in some new software and technology to get the less interesting elements of my job. The biggest area I need to work on is getting an evening free to start a new music project and release some new music. Hopefully I can get this in place before the summer.

Hopefully in a year I’ll have achieved all of these. What are your new years resolutions?


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