It’s been a few months since I released a finished track so I thought I spent a couple of days on a remix of ‘Fly’ by Rasco. I’m currently involved in a couple of EP projects with a role in performing, production and mastering but they aren’t going to be released till early summer. As so often happens they have been hit with unforeseen delays. Luckily I’ve had time to tackle one of Rasco’s tracks for a while.

For new readers to the blog, Rasco is one of my guitar and production students. Last year he released his debut EP ‘Journey’ which I featured on Student Tunes #3. ‘Journey’ is an alien invasion concept EP in a modern house style and well worth checking of for EDM fans.

Since then Rasco has been releasing a track every month or so. Last month saw the release of the original version of ‘Fly’ which shows a move away from standard house textures and forms. You can check it out here!

Here is my version of the track. I wasn’t aiming for any particular style of dance music just let my imagination runaway with me. I can hear little bits from house, dub-step and trance but I’m not brave enough to label it as anything specific. Let me know what you think of the track, if it proves popular I might tackle some more remixes in the coming months.

Music written by Oscar Van Der Velden (Rasco) & Antony Cull (2016). Performed and produced by Antony Cull (2016) Artwork designed by Oscar Van Der Velden (2015).


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