New Projects and Upcoming Releases

I’ve been really quiet online these last few weeks and thankfully it’s due to being busy and producing some new releases. Whilst many of you know me as a guitarist and teacher, I have really been enjoying working in production as well for a while now. I love that this seems to be the direction my career is gravitating to and I really enjoying bringing songs to life for my clients. I thought I’d take a quick break and take a look at three of the artists I’m working with at the moment.

Jamie Norton

The first track that will grace this blog on May 1st is a track I recorded for a local acoustic/ambient singer song-writer Jamie Norton called ‘I’ll get Over This’. I took a basic acoustic demo and fleshed it out with drums, piano, synth and bass and sent it back for him to record his own vocals. The recordings took place a month or so ago and was originally intended to be released on iTunes and Spotify as part of his debut EP. Since then he has found himself changing his musical direction and decided this can be a Soundcloud only track. I still think it’s better then he gives it credit but songwriters can often be fickle, even with their better tracks. 1 week till that track comes out. For more of his tracks click here.


I’m also mixing and mastering the recordings of another local act, a pop-punk/punk-rock band called Warning. There debut EP called ‘This Time’ should be released this summer. Having heard the tracks both live and recorded I’m sure this will be a popular release with a lot of punk fans out there. For more about them check out their facebook page here. I also featured them a while back on Student Tunes after their first demo.

The first track nearing completion, ‘This Time’, has a darker sound similar to Alkaline Trio whilst other tracks like ‘Teenage Drama’ and ‘Mr Pigeon’ have a lighter, more humorous vibe that reminds me of Blink 182 and Green Day respectively.

I’ll keep you posted on this project over the coming months. I’ve had three tracks and I’m waiting on the band and the recording engineer James Ashman to record the final tracks. I downloaded Waves CLA Vocal plug-in for this session and it sounds killer.

Jared Sinfield

This Friday week also sees me starting a couple of recordings with old friend and fellow bearded musician Jae Jae Sinfield. Those of you on the south coast might know him from his previous projects Old Crows, Elements, Katy Morten or my old covers band Sonic Vibes. We studied Popular Music Performance together at Solent University and since then he has been gigging in Southampton with a new acoustic singer-songwriter act. I saw him perform last year and really like his unique blend of Newton Faulkner and Eric Clapton. So excited to start the first track ‘You Are Who You Are’ this week. You can check out some of his past projects on his soundcloud here.

Right then I better get back to mixing these tracks. If you need someone to mix and master your tracks drop me a line at and I’ll get back to you with a quote for the project. Till next week here is the last track i got to release, a remix of Rasco’s ‘Fly’, enjoy!


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