Before we dive into this weeks post I want to thank everyone for reading the blog and visiting the website. As of today the blog has had over 1000 views this year. I know in the modern world of viral media it’s a small number but it means so much to know people are reading and enjoying the posts from all over the world.

IK Media iRig for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Since getting an iPhone and iPad I’ve been meaning to get an iRig so I can connect my guitars and bass to the GarageBand app. When I reviewed the GarageBand app (see that post here) for the iPhone, I actually borrowed an iRig from a friend and realized how essential this piece of gear is for guitarists and bassists alike.

Super easy to install. Simply plug the iRig into “headphone”, plug your instrument into the 1/4 inch input and finally plug your headphones into the iRig itself. Pretty simple. Now if you’re using the Amplitube app that is all that is required, simply dial in you amp and set the effects you want. For GarageBand users you need to open the guitar amp under the instrument selection window, open the setting on the input (top left, looks like a jack cable) and turn on the monitor. That should allow you to hear your instrument through the onscreen amp. If you’re still not getting anything try increasing the input level and/or turning off the noise gate. The noise gate is designed to cut the output when you stop playing to remove the hum from the amplifier in your recordings. Not essential but worth investigating if you are recording heavy rhythm parts.

DSC_1375 (2)

If you look around for reviews online there a number of complaints about the construction but I whilst it’s a little plastic-y it seems solid and I don’t have any problems leaving it in my gig bag. There was little to no latency and the sound quality was clear although the headphone output is a little darker sounding then the iPad alone. That said you can fine tune the amp settings later so it’s of little consequence. I’d rather it sounded darker then tinny and piercing when tracking. All in all for the princely £25 it cost it is worth looking at for when you need to get an idea done quickly.

If you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad touch and want to lay down some guitar or bass parts on the go this is a great piece of kit. Anyone else using this gadget or is there something else great on the market? Thanks again for reading!


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