Yesterday my friend and former band mate Jared Sinfield released his first single ‘Coloured In Grey’ into the world. For readers that don’t know Jared’s work he has performed and recorded with a lot of different acts including Old Crows, Elements, Sonic Vibes before venturing out on his solo career.

‘Coloured in Grey’ is a really sweet and honest song with Jared’s trademark dynamic vocals and acoustic guitar playing. I first heard this song live at The Talking Heads in Southampton alongside another university friend Mike Barham (Old Crows). If you aren’t familiar with Mike’s music check out his facebook page here. Sometime after that we talked about recording a few songs with myself as his producer. Jared sent me a scratchy demo version of ‘Coloured in Grey’ with a working title and another track we still haven’t gotten round to recording yet. I still listen to those rough demos from time to time. From that I built a backing track up in Logic around the harmony with a full band arrangement (I think only the synth pads survive from the first demo). Once I had gotten that down with a little guidance I got Jared over to lay down his vocals and acoustic guitars parts (guitar nerd thought; he has a really nice Faith that is super bassy and loud, great for fingerstyle). Two recording sessions later I had everything and started the mixing process. Despite Jared’s excellent performances the first mix with a virtual drum kit missed some of the live energy and textures we wanted. To get different performances I contacted a few friends to session on it and give it that live band feel.

As had the pleasure of producing and playing on this record alongside some excellent session players so to give credit were it’s due here is a run down of the personnel. If you are looking to use any of these players for online sessions follow the links on their names.

Once I had all the parts back the mix really came together. Everyone really followed the dynamics of the song so I didn’t have to make drastic edits, I just had to find the overall volume and panning with tweaks in EQ and compression. Mastering  was a slight pain as there was a lot of tracks even after removing scratch tracks (46 in total plus buses and aux) to bounce. I was really conscious that I wanted to retain all of the tracks natural dynamics and I’m pleased with the sounds overall build-up from the first chorus to the last.

The track should be available to buy now through iTunes, CDbaby and Amazon Music and available to stream through all of the big names (Spotify, Deezer, etc). He’s a really great guy to work with and I’m really looking forward to working on the tracks for the projects debut EP.

Here are all the applicable links for Jared’s social media. Check them out and give his music some support.

Till next time, thanks for reading!


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