New Music – Dan Gilbert ‘I Miss You’ Cover

Hey Everyone! I’ve been off the grid for a month or so working on a variety of production projects as well as a ton of guitar teaching. As always it’s great to be back, to kick it off here is a new track!

This is the first track I’ve worked on with Dan Gilbert. Dan is a new comer to the Southampton, UK scene taking influence from Shawn Mendes and 5 Seconds Of Summer. The track is a cover of ‘I Miss You’ by Blink 182 via the 5 Seconds Of Summer live lounge version. That said I’ve added a few other elements to give it a bit of a twist and lift the chorus’ a little.

This is Dan’s first time recording and each time we’ve worked together he’s got better and better. He has a number of tracks planned for the new year I’m looking forward to seeing how his musical style develops. The next track he’s lined up to release is a version of ‘Love Yourself’ by Justin Bieber which will be a lot more stripped back then this. He hasn’t got his social media together yet but I’ll add it as soon as it goes live.

Performers & Production
Dan Gilbert – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Antony Cull – Electric Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Engineer, Producer

From a production perspective I got to try a few new things out on this track including Positive Grids Bias FX on the electrics (it’s so good, I’m going to get the full version soon) and a vintage Shure Prologue 10L mic I had kicking around for percussion. I’m really happy with my mastering chain now, everything sounds fuller and together without loosing the dynamics.

Hope you enjoy this, I’ll be back in the holidays with a look back on my projects and career. Until then I hope your having an excellent festive season!


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