Hi everyone, I hope you’ve all had an excellent time over the festive season. I’ve taken a week off over Christmas to go and see family and they didn’t disappoint with the thoughtful gifts. I love thinking of presents and it always feels good when a gift is just perfect for the person. Much like last year (see here for last years haul), I got plenty of music gifts I wanted to share with you (as well as some excellent video games and much food and drink).


My partner bought me a silicon Fuzz Face clone kit for me to built in the coming month. It looks like a really high quality kit with audio grade components, Alpha pots and Neutrik  jacks. The easy to follow instructions have a tonne of pictures, build walkthrough and schematics which should make it a simple build. Don’t worry I’ll document the process and put some audio samples on the blog once it’s finished.

Stumped for gift ideas my parents thankfully asked my partner who suggested an E-Bow Plus. Now this has been on my wish list for the past decade but I’ve never had the spare cash to pick one up. Luckily I had an old Yamaha SC400 guitar and a long neglected Yamaha 112 amp round my parents house to test it and its a gorgeous sound. There is something about the slower attack and being planted on one string that really makes you  approach melody differently. Once I’ve run it through the main rig for a while I’ll put something online for you hear.

I also got a classical guitar foot stand (nerd!) which until recently I hadn’t given much thought.  I remember reading guitar books when I first started and thinking the foot stand looked pretty lame and so tried to adjust posture to compensate. After 5 minutes using it I lost a lot of tension which really freed up my classical playing. I’ll take it out to teach classical over the coming months and see how much difference it makes in the long term.

Almost forgot I got a few new albums, it’s time for some brief music reviews!

  • Misfits – Famous Monsters – Awesome cutting punk guitar tones and horror B-Movie lyrics make this well worth checking out.
  • Pixies – Bossa Nova – Unlike many Pixies albums this has a distinct sound and style throughout, darker and more surf driven it may be my favourite after Doolittle.
  • Daft Punk – Homework –  I love how raw this album sounds, lots of analog synths and  drums that blend electronic sounds with samples, the whole album feels like a live set, loads of fun.
  • Lavinia Meijer – Passagio – Einaudi by Lavinia – Right then I love Einaudi’s compositional style, lots of classical and minimalism with lots of light and shade but this album really elevates the pieces for me. Lavinia has arranged each piece wonderfully for harp and plays with a delicate control that is sonically beautiful. I could talk about this all day check it out below.

That is all the musical gifts, although I did get a little cash so I’m going to buy something synth-y in the coming months. Did everyone get what they wanted? Alternatively are you out now looking for a post Christmas gift for yourself? Let me know what you got in the comments below and have as always keep playing!


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