New Music – Ollie Woods ‘Out Of Place’ & ‘Song For The Sufferer’

New music time! The songs are coming thick and fast at the moment. This months tracks are a couple that I produced, mastered and performed on for Ollie Woods. Ollie Woods is a musician and songwriter based in Southampton, Hampshire with a wide range of musical influence and a huge voice.

Out Of Place

His first two singles showcase his musical range, from small acoustic numbers through to full on Muse inspired rock numbers. His first track, ‘Out Of Place’, is the latter. Blues rock grooves, walls of guitar, huge chorus hook this tracks got it all. Great for all the classic rock fans out there. (Hopefully this will be the first of many rock tracks coming out of the studio).

Side Note: I should take a moment to thank Pete Gee for lending me the Digitech Whammy you hear at the beginning of the track. It really made the intro something rather special. He also let me review it for the blog (click here), thanks mate.


  • Music and Lyrics written by Ollie Woods, Produced and Mastered by Antony Cull
  • Ollie Woods – Lead Vocals, Bass, Electric Guitar
  • Antony Cull – Electric Guitars, Drum Programming, Backing Vocals

‘Song For The Sufferer’

Ollie’s second track I recorded for him, ‘Song For The Sufferer’, is little lighter in musical tone. The song is a heartfelt acoustic track with some excellent electric bass played by session musician Jared Sinfield. This was a really personal song for Ollie and it was a pleasure getting to capture such a sincere performance.


  • Music and Lyrics written by Ollie Woods, Produced and Mastered by Antony Cull
  • Ollie Woods – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
  • Antony Cull – Electric Guitars, Drum Programming, Electric Piano, Ukulele, Piano
  • Jared Sinfield – Electric Bass

Release Dates

The songs are up to preview now on Soundcloud (don’t forget to follow his profile, andmine) and will be released everywhere online in the next few days (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc). All proceeds from these singles will be going to Royal Marsden NHS Foundation to help the care and treatment of cancer sufferers so definitely buy them if you like it, you would be helping a good cause.

I’d love to know what you think of the track in the comments below. I’m available for a range of production services including mixing, mastering and session performance. Drop me a line for a quote and I’ll get back to you ASAP. For more information check out my dedicated page here. Thanks for reading and listening have an awesome day!


5 thoughts on “New Music – Ollie Woods ‘Out Of Place’ & ‘Song For The Sufferer’

  1. Good job to all of you guys! I personally prefer the second song because it feels more sincere and conveys more emotions, I feel the melody on this one tells a better story. But they’re both really good. The production is awesome and Ollie’s voice is interesting. Doesn’t give me chills (yet) but it’s nice to listen to. For me, it’s just missing a little spark or something. But I don’t really know what I’m talking about so it’s whatever I guess x)


    1. Thanks for for checking them out. I’m looking forward to seeing what he writes next as he’ll be better equipped for the studio. It’s always a trade off as a producer trying to capture the best technical and the most authentic/emotional. I sometimes feel like a therapist in vocal sessions.

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      1. I’ve never seen things like that, but I guess you kind of are a therapist in some ways. Helping them squeeze out the bittersweetness living behind the words! It must not be easy a job so cheers to you! 🙂


    1. I thought it was a really good session, your voice is solid. Next session I’ll have a few more mics and isolation shields which will help capture the performance. We should cut a new record soon this summer once I’ve moved into the new place and set everything up!


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