New Music – Dan Gilbert ‘Love Yourself’ (Justin Bieber Cover)

Hi everyone, it’s time for another track release. Can’t believe it’s the third track this month, hopefully I can maintain this momentum all year.

As long time readers of the blog will remember I have worked with Dan Gilbert previously. Last time I produced a version of the pop-punk/emo classic ‘I Miss You’ by Blink 182/5 Seconds of Summer for him (that you can hear on the blog here). After the success of that release he decided to tackle Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’, which you may or may not know was composed by everyone’s favorite ginger haired song-writer Ed Sheeran.

Recording Process

The original has a very stripped back instrumentation and initially the cover was going to stick to this arrangement. After a couple of recording sessions tracking Dan’s acoustic guitar and lead vocal parts I set to work fleshing it out a little.

Getting carried away in the process I recorded a number of tracks, a lot of which didn’t make it to the final track. Those that survived the revisions were the electric bass, electric guitars (Stratocaster and Telecaster), backing vocals and even a little cigar box guitar part in the chorus. I actually really enjoyed recording the backing vocals, got a chance to use the beautiful sounding Audio Technica AT2020 again.

After I’d mixed all these components it sounded a little too cute and indie-pop. It was still missing something to bring it up to date with modern tastes. Dan suggested a Trap style beat that he’d heard on couple of other tracks. Initially I didn’t think it was going to work but after some tweaking to keep tracks natural stops and rhythmic patterns intact it helped push it in a new direction.

Listening back it really helps drive the track throughout and fills out the low end with that 808 kick and extreme highs with those rolling hi-hats. The mastering process was fairly straight forward as the mix was nicely balanced, just some EQ, Compression and a limiter to tie it all together. I have a really great multi-meter that helps to find muddy points and areas that are lacking so mastering just gets quicker and better sounding with every track.

You can check out the track in the Soundcloud player below.

Final Thoughts

Let me know what you think of the production and if you want to hear some of my own music check out my music page. It’s been fairly well received so far with 100+ plays in 24 hours, thankfully you can always count on Justin Bieber fans to listen to anything vaguely connected to him.

If you would like to work with me or would like your tracks mixed and/or mastered check out the dedicated page here (the discount for track mastering is running out at the end of the month so get it booked in soon!) As always thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


  • Dan GilbertAcoustic Guitar, Vocals
  • Antony CullRecording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer. Drum Programming, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Backing Vocals, Piano.

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