Who is Jae Sinfield?

I have been producing and performing on an EP project with Jae Sinfield for the past five months and I am excited to announce that it is finally out! For those that aren’t familiar with Jae’s work, he is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Northampton. I have known Jae for several years now, we studied and performed in bands together at university and last summer I recorded his debut single (you can check it out here.) To celebrate the launch of his debut EP ‘Flawed By Design’, I thought I’d write a few thoughts on it track by track. I’ve put the Spotify Player below so you can listen to it as you read. If you are a Spotify user don’t forget to add it your playlists and follow him for the next EP coming later this year.

‘Flawed By Design’ – Track By Track

  1. Ripped At The Seams – Let’s dive in! This track came to me in pre-production as a delicate little acoustic finger-style piece and grew into this much larger and more symphonic inspired track. The catalyst for the change was Simon Tinmouh’s beautiful percussion tracks which left the song needing some smoother more legato elements. An electric bass part was a little too bombastic so we settled on a string arrangement. The strings are blended with a synth pad and a mellotron to give them some weight and fill out the super highs and attack. The piano/guitar solo after the Middle 8 might be my favourite instrumental section on the entire EP. Luckily Jae indulged my weirdness and let me write and play an e-bow solo on my trusty Fender Stratocaster for it. It is a really sonically interesting sound, so fat and full of harmonics. I ended up just running it into DI and then straight into the Focusrite 2i4.
  2. Coloured In Grey – Originally released last summer, this track was remastered for the EP. There was some very minor tweaks to the mix, and the new master feels a lot fuller, louder and better balanced to in comparison.
  3. You’re Heart You’re Smile – This track is very sweet and sincere, with some really honest heart felt lyrics. There is the trademark Sinfield vocal harmonies which are very playful on this and I got to write some electric guitar hooks that I loved (Roland JC-20E with a Strat for the guitarists out there). Every single part on this track adds up the whole, and removing anything leaves its dull and lifeless, especially Simon’s percussion. There’s is something really beautiful when a track has everyone grooving with their own style and comes together with such a relaxed vibe. The tonality shift for the coda is really interesting, it almost becomes reflective and content.
  4. New Start – If I had to pick a favourite track on the EP it would have to be this one, it really connects with everyone who I’ve tested it on. There are a couple of versions of this track on Jae’s Soundcloud and this latest version is more acoustic and vocally driven. Similar to ‘Coloured in Grey’ this track has everyone on it. Chris’ piano sound on this is huge, especially the final chorus. I had loads of fun tracking backing vocals with Lucy, it really brought a depth to the final chorus. Each player added something unique to the track and it morphed into this uplifting track with lots for light and shade.


Performance and Production Personnel 

Here’s a note on all the performers on the record. As always if you like what they do show them some love by following them online (simply click on their name and it’ll take you to their own page).

  • Jared Sinfield – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Bass (except ‘Coloured In Grey’) Backing Vocals
  • Simon Tinmouth – Cajon, Shaker, Tambourine
  • Chris McGuire – Piano (except ‘Ripped At The Seams’)
  • Antony Cull – Electric Guitars, Synths, String Arrangement, Backing Vocals, Bass (Coloured In Grey), Piano (‘Ripped At The Seams’), Arranger, Mixing and Mastering
  • Lucy Atkinson -Backing Vocals (‘Coloured In Grey’ & ‘New Start’)

Final Thoughts

The EP is available right now to buy and stream on all the major distribution services including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon. I’d love to know your thoughts on the tracks in the comments below.

If you would like to hire me to work with you on your own music take a look at my resume and discography here and drop me a line to chat with me about what you need. Thanks as always for reading the blog  and I’d love to know your thoughts on the tracks in the comments below.


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