New Music – Warning ‘This Time’

New track, ‘This Time’, has been released from UK punk-rock band Warning and is on Soundcloud now for your listening pleasure! The track reminds me of early Green Day, self-titled album Blink 182 fused together with these Alkaline Trio style guitar patterns. Take a listen to the track in the Soundcloud player below.

‘This Time’ Mixing Process

The recording sessions were produced and engineered by James Ashman. Thankfully he had some serious mics and a Focusrite interface so the quality of the recordings where solid making my job as the mixing and mastering engineer so much easier.

Now I’m not one of those engineers that follows a strict order of parts when I mix but I knew the drums and vocals were going to require the most time so I focused initially in those areas.

The drums had some slight phasing issues which took a while to correct with panning and nudging the individual parts to sync with the over heads. A fair amount of EQ and some slight reverb and compression on each track tamed everything ready for a stereo bus compressor. The tambourine you hear towards the end was myself as the last chorus wouldn’t lift when it switched to a half-time feel without the much cymbal work. It felt really empty on the high end and that needed fixing (thank god for tambourines)

Vocals where run through my latest effects chain with light de-esser, EQ, two compressors (for very low gain reduction with each), octave down and the usual reverb and delay for ambience.

The bass performance was duplicated so I could treat the low thump of each note and the aggressive rattle of the pick attack separately and blend them with a compressor at the end. There is something about treating the pick attack with lots of brightness and amp distortion that really helps it sit with the guitars.

The guitar sounds when they arrived at my desk where really dark and naturally compressed with all that gain. It was mostly a case of bringing out the high end and cutting/boosting frequencies to puzzle piece the sounds together. I still went for some light bus compression just to tie the stereo image together.

The rest of the process was just getting each component to the right volumes so it felt balanced. The mastering chain I’ve been using recently worked really well. I’ve stopped using any multi-band compression about 9 months ago and it really lets all the dynamics through. Perhaps I’ll buy a new multi-band plug-in and try and reincorporate it in.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this track, I certainly enjoyed mixing it. It is always an interesting experience working on another producers recordings and I have always loved working with punk bands. I’m looking forward to working with Warning in the future and seeing how their sound develops. Here are all the links to their social media, give them a follow to stay up to date.

  • Facebook –
  • Twitter –
  • Instagram –

Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you would like a quote on mixing your music, take a look at my music page here. Thanks as always for reading!

Performing and Producing Personnel

  • Harry Kingston – Vocals, Lead Guitar
  • Ollie Hambrook – Guitar
  • Dylan Gibbons – Bass
  • Joe Sammons – Drums
  • James Ashman – Recording Engineer, Producer
  • Antony Cull – Tambourine, Mixing and Mastering Engineer



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