New Music!

I am very excited to announce that my latest EDM single, ‘Promise’ is out now! The track is a fusion of classic trance textures, progressive house structures with a hard, modern EDM beat. The track is driven with hooky melodies and broken up by carefully constructed breaks. Take a listen to it in the Youtube player below as you read (links for other players below.)

How It Was Composed.

The track started out as three separate ideas written over a three month period that I cut, fused and remixed into one self indulgent 8 minute mix. From this extended mix, I gradually cut and edited the whole track down to tight 5 1/2 minutes to make it radio/club friendly and to give the track more momentum and urgency. The inspiration behind the fusing of several separate ideas was to capture in a record, the feel and build of a live club set into a single track.

I’ve been looking forward to releasing a following up single to last years ‘Digital Sleep’ EP (you check it out here), for the last few months but thankfully I’ve been busy and hard at work for my various production clients. ‘Promise’ brings together all of the electronic music production techniques I have developed since releasing ‘Digital Sleep’ and moves my electronic sound a lot further forward.

The artwork has a mix of Indian ink and watercolour. I’ve always had a strong sense colour, shape and texture when I listen to music so I aimed to create the image I see when I listen back to it. I would like to continue exploring this area with future release. It would be fascinating to see what art other peoples synesthesia creates from this track.

Antony Cull Promise Single Final 1
‘Promise’ Antony Cull

Where To Get It.

The track is available to buy/stream now from all the usual distribution services including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc. Here are the links to all of the usual places, don’t forget to do all the relevant things to support the track on that network, it is really appreciated.

  • iTunes –
  • Spotify –
  • CD Baby – Artists get 90% of all purchases on CD Baby! –
  • Amazon –
  • Google Play Music –
  • Youtube –

Everything I earn from these releases is put back into the music and I want to thank you for supporting these projects. I have already started writing new material with a slightly different approach to be released later this year. I’d love to know what you think of the track in the comments section below, thanks for listening!

Production Credits

Composed, performed, engineered, mixed and mastered by Antony Cull


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