New Music – Promise (Oscar Remix)

Last month I released a new single ‘Promise’ under my solo project (you can read the launch post here). The original track was a mix of classic Trance and modern EDM and has so far been really well received. And it wouldn’t be a successful dance track without the obligatory set of remixes, enter VDV Productions.

VDV Productions Logo
VDV Productions Logo

I was approached by producer Oscar Vander Veldon of VDV Productions to do a full remix of the original. The result was a more chilled out House style remix that sounds really different to the original. Take a listen to remix in the Soundcloud player below and compare it the original in the other Soundcloud player below.

Very different I think you’ll agree?  Much less hard hitting with a more space and really wide bass response. If you’d like contact VDV Productions for a remix, you can contact through the following social media sites.

It was a really interesting experience hearing my own track filtered through another producers composition and production style. I’d love to hear other tracks I’ve written get the full remix treatment in the future. Let me know what you think of the remix (and the original) in the comments section below. If you’d like to here more of my music check this dedicated page here. As always thanks for reading!


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