Bass Transcription – Pink Floyd ‘Money’

Money Edit


I’m continuing with my series of transcriptions this week with a full electric bass score for the Pink Floyd classic ‘Money’ as performed on the album ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ (1973). The sheet music includes both standard notation and tablature (TAB) for standard 4 string electric bass in standard tuning.

Before we dive into the performance notes, download a copy of the sheet music from Sheet Music Plus here

Performance Notes

Roger Water’s bass line has a lot of compositional and stylistic features worth discussing. The most immediately striking of these is the 7/4 time signature in the Intro and Verse sections. I would recommend sub-dividing irregular time signatures to make them easier to learn and navigate. Each piece that utilises irregular time signatures will employ a different sub-division. In ‘Money’ the 7/4 signature is divided into groups of 3 and 4 to give give the meter and phrasing the correct accents.

Watch out for the third bar of the verse progression (bars 11 and 15) as this 3:4 phrasing is lost in a bar of crotchets. It beautifully breaks up the pattern but can throw out the performers sense of where the first beat of the next bar would begin. Once you reach the chorus you will see a series of time signature changes, approach each bar individually before navigating the whole piece.

The rhythmic feel is a swung eighth (quaver) feel through out. This is especially prevalent during the guitar solo where we see Waters play a jazz influenced, descending chromatic bass line. To get the sound close to the record try a Fender Precision bass played with a plectrum and a light palm muting to get the right balance of pick attack and low end thump.

Final Thoughts

This is a great study for bassists of all styles and abilities. It also has the rewarding quality of being instantly recognisable when played solo (a real treat when your often underpinning the rest of the band. Any questions about the transcription leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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