Welcome to website of electronic music artist Antony Cull and the production services of Antony Cull Music Services.

Antony Cull’s new single ‘Restart The Sun’ will be released 4th May.  ‘Restart the Sun’ is the fourth single and features a mixture on ambient, synthwave, trance and house sounds into a new musical style. Check back on release day to get all the links, stream and download the track!

Version 2
‘Restart The Sun’ Single Artwork

The latest single ‘Lily Pads Await’ is available to stream and download via all major download and streaming sites. For more information on ‘Lily Pads Await’, previous releases (Host, Gravity, Promise and Digital Sleep) and all future releases check the dedicated page here. To hear the top tracks check out the Spotify player in the player below.

Antony Cull Music Services offer music production and mastering, session guitarist and bass playing, composition and education services based in Southampton, Hampshire (UK). To explore these services and to hear the previous clients projects please click on the link from list below.

The website also has an ever growing music blog where Antony Cull regularly writes posts exploring gear reviews, music lessons, backing tracks and various musical projects.

– Antony Cull

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  1. I’m astounded by the way you handled this subject. It isn’t often I stumbled upon a blog along with interesting blog posts like the ones you have. I am going to jot down your blog feed to keep up-to-date with your hereafter new posts. Once more, I love what you’ve got here.


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