Here is a brief overview of the various projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on so far. For the latest information check the production, music and session guitar pages.


Single ‘Promise’ released which fuses old school trance, progressive house structures and modern EDM production styles. The track is available through all the major online streaming and download services. Work has begun on the next EP/mini album to be released late 2017.

Mixed and mastered ‘This Time’ by UK Pop-Punk/Punk Rock band Warning. Worked as a producer, performed and arranger for Grace Marie Hancock on her musical theatre themed piece ‘The Dark Side Is The Bright Side’.

To follow-up last years ‘Coloured in Grey’ I worked with Jae Sinfield on his debut EP ‘Flawed By Design’. I worked as the producer, mixer, arranger, guitarist and mastering engineer on all the songs on the EP. It’s available to buy now.

Produced a cover of ‘Love Youself’ for Southampton based singer Dan Gilbert. The two tracks I produced for Ollie Woods are now available to buy and stream.


My debut EP, ‘Digital Sleep’, is was released in October and is still available to buy and stream through all major digital outlets. The EP ‘Digital Sleep’ combines elements of classic Trance and House with more modern Ambient sounds and melodically driven EDM.

Produced, mastered and performed on ‘Song For The Sufferer’ and ‘Out Of Place’, for singer Ollie Woods. Working as a producer and performer on the single ‘Coloured In Grey’ by Jared Sinfield.

Worked as a performer and producer on track ‘I’ll Get Over This’ with Acoustic/Ambient songwriter Jamie Norton. Released an EDM remix of Rasco’s ‘Fly’ (Rasco is now releasing music as VDV Productions).


Released track ‘Stay Gone’ written in collaboration with Teresa Curatolo. ‘Antony Cull Music’ continues to grow as full time music venture, we still have a handful of lessons available if you live in Hampshire, UK and want to learn guitar with us.


Launched ‘Antony Cull Music’ as a full-time teaching business. As of the April ’14 I was no longer working for Rockout Music Schools.


Still performing with Sonic Vibes, this year saw us support Wonderband at Solent University and perform at Madehurst Big Night 2013 (see videos tab). Released two solo guitar pieces called ‘Romantic Fool’ and ‘In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning’. Session with Largelime Productions and performed on ‘Living Young’ by Katy Morton (EP released).


Two tracks released from university band ‘The Grolar Bears’, and three from a new gigging cover band ‘Sonic Vibes Function Band’. Released film/soundtrack style composition “Surrounded”. Working as guitar tutor at Rockout music schools. Performing a Pete Wilson composition at the Solent University Graduation ceremonies at Southampton Guidhall.


Performed several times with progressive rock band ‘Skymarshal’. Recorded demos of “Candlelight” and “Help”. Several gigs with pro covers band ‘Star Party Band’including a performance in Bangkok for Thai royalty. Pit band work with SUSU Showstoppers musical ‘The Final Countdown’. Live recording released of ‘Turn It Up’ with university project.


  • ‘Living Young’ Katy Morton from the EP ‘Katy’ – 2013
  • ‘Stay Gone’ Antony Cull & Teresa Curatolo – 2015
  • ‘I’ll Get Over This’ Jamie Norton – 2016
  • ‘Coloured In Grey’ Jared Sinfield (on iTunes now!) – 2016
  • ‘Digital Sleep’ (EP) Antony Cull (on iTunes now) – 2016
  • ‘I Miss You’ – Dan Gilbert – 2016
  • ‘Song For The Sufferer’ & ‘Out Of Place’ Ollie Woods (on iTunes now!) – 2017
  • ‘Love Yourself’ Dan Gilbert – 2017
  • ‘Flawed By Design’ (EP) Jared Sinfield (on iTunes now!) – 2017
  • ‘The Dark Side is The Bright Side’ Gracie Hancock – 2017
  • ‘Promise’ Antony Cull (on iTunes now!) – 2017


  • ‘Stay Gone’ Antony Cull & Teresa Curatolo – 2015
  • ‘I’ll Get Over This’ Jamie Norton – 2016
  • ‘Coloured In Grey’ Jared Sinfield (on iTunes now!) – 2016
  • ‘Digital Sleep’ (EP) Antony Cull (on iTunes now) – 2016
  • ‘I Miss You’ Dan Gilbert – 2016
  • ‘Song For The Sufferer’ & ‘Out Of Place’ Ollie Woods (on iTunes now) – 2017
  • ‘Love Yourself’ Dan Gilbert – 2017
  • ‘Flawed By Design’ (EP) Jared Sinfield (on iTunes now) – 2017
  • ‘The Dark Side is The Bright Side’ Gracie Hancock – 2017
  • ‘This Time’ Warning – 2017
  • ‘Promise’ Antony Cull (on iTunes now!) – 2017

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