Production Services

Production Services – Recording, Mixing & Mastering

I have worked with a wide range of artists in the last few years to produce high quality, radio ready tracks. These projects have ranged from authentic replications of other recording and imaginative covers through to full arranging and recording of original material from demos.

Here is a list of the current available services. If there is something you need that I don’t currently offer please contact myself at for the latest options.

  • Creative Producer – For many singer-songwriters taking their track to the next level may seem daunting. I offer services to arrange and compose the other instrumental elements to help you create the sounds you have in you head.
  • Mixing Engineer – Have you finished recording a track but found yourself unable to get the perfect mix? I’m currently working in Logic Pro X, Cubase and Garageband and can mix your projects with a quick turn around.
  • Mastering – Got that perfect mix but need that final gloss to bring it up radio quality? I have a dedicated mastering chain and very detailed hearing to bring out the best from your mix.
  • Session Playing – As an accomplished guitarist I offer online sessions for other producers. For a full list of this service check out my dedicated page here.

If you are looking to take your music or production to the next level simply send me an e-mail at for a free quote.


  • ‘Stay Gone’ Antony Cull & Teresa Curatolo – 2015
  • ‘I’ll Get Over This’ Jamie Norton – 2016
  • ‘Coloured In Grey’ Jared Sinfield (on iTunes now!) – 2016
  • ‘Digital Sleep’ (EP) Antony Cull (on iTunes now) – 2016
  • ‘I Miss You’ Dan Gilbert – 2016
  • ‘Song For The Sufferer’ & ‘Out Of Place’ Ollie Woods (on iTunes now) – 2017
  • ‘Love Yourself’ Dan Gilbert – 2017
  • ‘Flawed By Design’ (EP) Jae Sinfield (on iTunes now) – 2017
  • ‘The Dark Side is The Bright Side’ Gracie Hancock – 2017
  • ‘This Time’ Warning – 2017
  • ‘Promise’ Antony Cull (on iTunes now!) 2017
  • ‘Blood’ – Antony Cull Musical Services – 2018
  • ‘Gravity’ Antony Cull (on iTunes Now) 2018
  • ‘Host’ Antony Cull (on iTunes Now) – 2018
  • ‘TBA’ (Single) Kat Reith (Post Production) – Summer 2019
  • ‘TBA’ (EP) Jae Sinfield (Pre-Production) – Late 2019

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