Antony Cull ‘Host’ Single Artwork


Single – ‘Host’

‘Host’ is the third single from UK based electronic music artist Antony Cull. Inspired by the architecture and atmosphere of a trip to Amsterdam, Host celebrates a blending of new and old styles.

With a focus on old school Trance arrangements with crisp pianos and rich textured pads. These are then blended with a house drum beats and the noisy dense synth that have characterised the his latest musical sounds. The sections constantly evolves before reaching a half time break complete with filtered square wave bass before building with an arpeggiator to a climax to bring all of the previous ideas together. After the track reaches its heights the synths fall away as the tempo gradually drops. Host aims to give a slice of the feelings Amsterdam gives its visitors.

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Antony Cull - Gravity (Single) Square.jpg
Antony Cull ‘Gravity’ Single Artwork

Single – ‘Gravity’

‘Gravity’ is the latest single from Antony Cull, to be released on the 15th April 2018. This new track sees a departure from the Trance and House sound of previous releases to explore a new ambient, cinematic and minimalist styles. ‘Gravity’ utilises mixture of minimalist synth parts coated in reverb and delays for a spacious ambience, and thick vintage synthesisers combined with a rumbling sub bass to create a huge walls of sound. Accented with filtered arpeggios, pianos that are drenched in reverb and a harmonic structure that is both hopeful and filled with sadness, ‘Gravity’ is as bold and vast as it is melancholic and emptiness.

To listen to ‘Gravity’ and all the other released follow the links below links to Antony Cull’s artist profile on all major streaming services and download sites.

Antony Cull Promise Single Final 1
Antony Cull ‘Promise’ Single Artwork

Single – ‘Promise’

The debut single ‘Promise’ fuses old school trance, progressive house structures and modern EDM production styles. Hard hitting drums, bouncing bass lines and evolving melodies make this Antony’s loudest, broken up by carefully constructed breaks. ‘Promise’ is an constantly evolving track that draws you in and won’t let go till the final bar.

Antony Cull ‘ Digital Sleep’ EP Artwork

EP – Digital Sleep

Antony Cull’s debut EP, ‘Digital Sleep’, combines elements of classic Trance and House with more modern Ambient sounds and melodically driven EDM. This marked the first departure from guitar driven music to explore a purely electronic sound. Highlights include the spacious piano and filtered arpeggios of ‘Time Lapse’ to the catchy hooks of ‘Sleepless’ to the downbeat synth textures of ‘Rename, Replace’. If you are looking for a great driving playlist or you need something to while away the early morning hours then check out ‘Digital Sleep’.

“Thanks everyone for their continued support for this project, I can’t wait to share more music with you in the future!”

-Antony Cull