Guitarist Services

Are you looking to add a guitar to your latest track? Perhaps you have written a part that you can’t play? I’m pleased to offer my instrumental services via an online session service.

Here is a list of the services elements:

  • Over 10 years worth of playing experience.
  • Professional sight-reading and chart reading.
  • Wide range of instruments, including but not limited to: Electric (Stratocaster, Telecaster, SG, Jazzmaster) Acoustic, Classical, Bass (Precision) Ukulele and Guitalele.
  • Established recording engineer currently working in Logic Pro X, Cubase and Garageband.
  • Get the format you need; audio stems, DI or live amplifier recording.

I have a customer focused attitude and I am easy to work with. For a free quote simply e-mail me at and I’ll send a detailed breakdown of the available options.


  • ‘Living Young’ Katy Morton from the EP ‘Katy’ – 2013
  • ‘Stay Gone’ Antony Cull & Teresa Curatolo – 2015
  • ‘I’ll Get Over This’ Jamie Norton – 2016
  • ‘Coloured In Grey’ Jared Sinfield (on iTunes now!) – 2016
  • ‘Digital Sleep’ (EP) Antony Cull (on iTunes now) – 2016
  • ‘I Miss You’ – Dan Gilbert – 2016
  • ‘Song For The Sufferer’ & ‘Out Of Place’ Ollie Woods (on iTunes now!) – 2017
  • ‘Love Yourself’ Dan Gilbert – 2017
  • ‘Flawed By Design’ (EP) Jared Sinfield (on iTunes now!) – 2017
  • ‘The Dark Side is The Bright Side’ Gracie Hancock – 2017
  • ‘Promise’ Antony Cull (on iTunes now!) – 2017
  • ‘Jeremy’ James Cull – TBA